See what makes a Best Sales Performer

This study compares the activities and outcomes of those in the top 10% of move-in performance from more than 100,000 senior living units across care types. 

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We are delighted to release the 2021 Best Sales Performer Report! We analyzed sales data from Sherpa user communities for the entire period of 2021.

Even in a year with tremendous pent-up demand following pandemic shutdowns, Best Sales Performers outpaced median performers by as much as 2.4X. They consistently had more move-ins and better conversion ratios relative to their community size.


In our 2021 Best Sales Performers Report, we see that Best Sales Performers spent more selling time with fewer worked leads on average. They also focused on high-engagement activities.

In IL/AL, for example, the top performers facilitated higher conversions by:

  • Creating a virtuous cycle of proactive activities that began with three times as much planning
  • Engaging in twice as many creative follow-ups to promote engagement with the prospect and to help them feel seen and understood
  • Conducting home visits at twice the rate to get a better understanding of their prospect’s identity and current situation

In the report you’ll find data for care types including:

  • Standalone independent living
  • Standalone assisted living
  • IL/AL mix
  • Standalone memory care
  • AL/MC mix
  • Entrance-fee CCRC